Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Content Presenter document preview on linux server

When displaying a document from the Doc Lib in Webcenter, you may be getting the properties for the file but not the web preview.

If you have setup Webcenter and UCM/IBR following the documentation, you may be missing the PDF third party font path. If you don't set this up conversion to PDF may fail and pass through.

Go to IBR
login as weblogic and your password.
Click on Conversion Settings and the options button for OutsideIn Filter.
Input the path to TrueTypeFont.
In my case my linux didn't have the fonts. However some were included in the JRE of webcenter.
You can go to your middleware home and perform a Find -name fonts, in case you can't find them.

After including the setting documents preview correctly.
For power point slides ensure you had the Powerpoint slider ucm component before enabling the webcenter configure component. You can check by browsing dynamic conversion templates from UCM power user interface.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Adding a taskflow from composer goes to a blank page

If this happens to you, you're probably using a custom catalog on PS4 (this bug will be fixed in PS5).
This happens because when you create a custom catalog, spaces somehow eats some of the single quotes in taskflow definitions.

In the meantime here are simple steps to fix this issue:
Get the code for the custom catalog, then copy it into a notepad, then performed a replace all on:
replaced with

then to adjust for those entries which already had the quote, another replace all:
replaced with

Try to add your taskflow again and it should now work normally.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Content Presenter templates not showing sitestudio templates?

This happened to me during an implementation. I couldn't confirm if it was documented somewhere, but to get content presenter templates to work, you must enable the SiteStudio for External Applications UCM component. Simply tick it from the UCM Admin Server component page. That's where the code which allows the templates to show in WebCenter Spaces resides.