Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Social Taskflow Pack

A very simple but useful pack of taskflows which aim to allow business users to embed video and social media updates into WebCenter Spaces PS4-PS5.

Social taskflows within Spaces
The Suite
The suite for now includes:

  • Facebook (page only)
    This widget aims to expose a public page created for a particular interest or company.
  • Youtube
    Embed any video using the video code at the end of the URL.
    Also includes height and width options.
  • Twitter
    Embed any twitter widget. For this you'll need to create your own widget within your account first, or get the account name and ID from the account you want to show.
Please note that Instagram was not included as it can be published straight into a twitter account.

Getting Started
 To get started simply download and extract this zip.
Press CTRL + S or File > Download when viewing the file.

The ZIP contains 3 EAR files which can be uploaded to Webcenter Spaces.

Each file within is a taskflow you can simply import by cliking on
Administration > resources > Taskflows > upload
Adding a widget 
To add a widget verify that they are SHOWN (click Edit>Show) from the taskflow section, by default they will appear within your catalog. When editing a page simply type the word facebook, youtube or twitter. Once the widget has been added edit the properties of the taskflow to input the video code, or facebook page account. See an examples below:

*Hint on Videocode:
Simply copy the code shown when viewing a youtube video after the 'v='.

Finally you may further specify the display properties of the box. By as changing to hiding the header or choosing a light style it can improve your look and feel.

The widgets are simply HTML embeds with taskflow parameters set at the page flow scope level. You may further improve the look and feel from catalog by adding respective logos for the taskflow from local hosted icons in your content server. Make sure you've added your domain name if generating widgets. Spaces will need to contact the internet and may encounter a web proxy.

Know Issues:
Facebook widget requires login even for seamingly public pages.
Youtube video in edit mode overlays over edit popups in ADF
Twitter sometimes requires screen refresh to show when displayed on some page templates/layouts.
Twitter needs more user friendly input requirement (account name only, ID automated) while using a reliable source.

Let me know if you have any requests for social services to be embedded. I will be looking into live video streaming and live chat embed taskflows.

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