Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Webcenter PS5 Virtual Box VM

A couple of months late on this one, the BPM PS5 VM actually had WebCenter and UCM as options, all PS5 version ( pre-installed and pre-integrated.

It's a great way to get the latest version of Spaces/UCM going fast on an 8GB RAM machine. Make sure you read the PDF and pick the WC_Spaces DOMAIN. This is not for PROD live usage. After the install it recommends running a particualr script to update IPs.
It's in the BIN folder of the oracle desktop.
Run it as sudo scriptname IP

What you get:
UCM (including DAM/IBR, workflows)
Document Service Integration
Apache for facilitating mail notifications
If you have a 16GB RAM machine, you can try the BPM-Spaces DOMAIN. Otherwise deploy this VM twice, once as BPM, and a second time as WC_Spaces. I recommend you keep the same memory ratios based on personal performance tuning experience.

What you still might want to setup on your own:
WCM - enable the sitestudio component and SiteStudio, externalapp, desktop Integration Suite)
WCM - sitestudiosamples
WCM - for NAT networking update listen http address to your host rather than the guest IP.
Social Taskflows from previous post :)

The entire build is very clean, great UI and prebuilt wizards.
Had an issue getting WCM editing to work from Spaces, will look for a solution to this.

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